Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Top house training tips

Top house training tips

A common question people ask is how do I house train my puppy or new rescue dog? 

The answer is simple:
  • Set your puppy or new dog up for success.  Take him outside often.
  • Reward the behaviour you want.  When he is in the middle of “going” give him gentle praise “good boy, good boy”; when he has finished give him lavish praise and a treat.

What about the rest of the tips?!?  No honest it really is that simple!

It comes down to the simple fact that your dog should naturally want to keep the area that he sleep and eats in clean.  But... and there is always a but, if he needs to go then he needs to go.  If you don’t give him enough chances to go outside then you will force him to go inside.

Don’t I need to show him that I’m in charge and punish him when he does it wrong? No!  Punishment will never help with house training but is very likely to make the problem worse.  Your dog only goes to the toilet in the house because you have not trained him to go outside yet.

Everyone knows you should tell a puppy off by rubbing his nose in it if he goes to the toilet inside, don’t they?  Would you follow this advice with a young child that has not learnt “potty training” yet.   Do you realise how ridiculous that old wives tale sounds now?

What about training pads?  Why oh why would you want to train your dog to go to the toilet inside your home?  Throw the training pads away and take your dog outside.

What if your dog pees when he is nervous or when someone comes to visit?  This is not a housetraining issue; you need professional advice from an experienced behaviourist.

What if your dog goes to the toilet when left alone?  This is also not a housetraining issue but a separation anxiety issues; again you need advice from a qualified behaviourist

Should I use a create?  Yes and no!  It may be helpful for some dogs if used in the correct way but if used badly can make the problem worse.

So the simple advice is follow our two top tips; if your situation is more complicated then please contact us and we will be please to help.

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